China Shipping to Malaysia

– Warehouse ( Guangzhou and Yiwu )
– Delivery West and East Malaysia Door to Door 
– GST Solution Provided
– Custom Clearance Hassle Free
– Malaysia 1st China Supply Chain Management

How We Work

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Register Account with us in Wechat

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Provide Shipping Code and Others Detail

Provide Shipping Code and Others Detail

Delivery Goods to our China Warehouse

Delivery Goods to our China Warehouse

Guangzhou & Yiwu

Process and Delivery of Goods

Process and Delivery of Goods

Why do you need us ?


A local team with extensive knowledge of forwarders and advance guidance of import from China to Malaysia


Offering a full range of customized services and solution with the appropriate price package, affordable for everyone.


Provide GST Tax Inovice Billing to customers with the lowest charges, upon request.


Flexible solutions of air shipment, sea shipment, customs clearance services, door to door shipping services, remittance solution and many more.
Comfortable with You.

Our Warehouse

Guangzhou Warehouse Address

广东省 广州市 白云区 均禾街 石马村

Guangzhou Warehouse (Sea) Address



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